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Alex Serra

Game Art

As an artist that enjoys realistic fantasy worlds, I have fun bringing my ideas to life within 3D environments. For me, the ability to imbue virtual spaces with meaning, emotion, and narrative in settings that are fun and imaginative, drives me to always pursue better ways to create. My goal is to immerse viewers fully in the story being told through modeling, sculpting, and creating textures, while considering industry standards. My work is driven by a desire to spark curiosity and inspire wonder. By inviting audiences to step into these 3D environments, I hope to ignite their imagination and encourage them to see the world from new perspectives.

I have experience with modeling in 3DS Max and Maya, sculpting in ZBrush, and creating my own textures/texturing in Substance Painter, Designer, and Sampler. I also have experience using Unreal Engine 5, and Unity.