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Peachie Keith

Graphic Design

I am a designer, illustrator, and all-around creative. Bright palettes, tactile materials, and a maker’s tenacity flow through all of my creations. I have been described as a creative Swiss army knife, something I took as a high compliment. Some of my favorite mediums outside of my design work are videography, knit and textile design, fashion design, collage, block printing and illustration. I surf most days and currently work for Vuori, a coastal California athletic brand, as a graphic designer on the video and brand team. If I am not in my studio, I am out in the ocean or deep in the mountains, camping, hiking, and enjoying. This deep affinity for the scenes around me inspire my work and inform my choices when designing, choosing materials, and collaborating with others. I pride myself on making handmade pieces that have a kind impact along the way, steering away from quick fashion and throwaway consumer culture.